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The digital age has dramatically changed the purpose and nature of short films. Since 2005, YouTube has provided short video content to people around the world and, in the process, has forever altered how we watch and make short films. As a result, both new and seasoned filmmakers are seizing fresh opportunities to reach audiences.


Short Films 2.0 explores how short filmmaking has adapted to the online world, why these changes have occurred, and how filmmakers can go about creating new short films that engage audiences. Mikel J. Wisler draws from over a decade of experience directing, writing, and producing award-winning short films in order to shine a light on the evolution of short films and their new structure in the digital age. Drawing on science, philosophy, and real world examples, this book explores the impact that the digital age has had on short film length, plot structure, audience expectations, film festival reception, and more.


"A very useful resource for filmmakers. Mikel's obvious love of the short film genre comes shining through. His thoughtful analysis and useful links to short films make this a practical tool for filmmakers facing the challenges of not only making short films but getting them in front of viewers." - Zach Lipovsky: film director and developer of Shot Lister & Script Speaker


"Whether it’s your first short film or your 50th, this is great advice and wonderful insight on the current reality and the future of short films. A must have book for any filmmaker." - Leah Leach: filmmaker, podcaster, and Executive Director for The Gal's Guide to the Galaxy


"Whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice, Short Films 2.0 offers amazingly invaluable insight into the world of short filmmaking in the current generation while also offering valuable resources to further grow in the craft." - Chris Esper: producer and author of The Filmmaker’s Journey

Short Films 2.0: Getting Noticed in the YouTube Age (pbk)

SKU: 9781732530706
  • Trim Size: 6" x 9" (203mm x 203mm)
    Binding: Paperback
    Page Count: 182
    Cover: Matte
    Publication Date: July 20, 2018
    ISBN: 9781732530706

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