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Piles of Books

Doxanoûs Media, LLC started as a sole-proprietor in 2015 by Co-Founder Eric Bumpus. During his solo work, he was able to help authors with their writing skills, editing, and layout designs. As the company grew he realized he would need more help to give the business the attention that it needed. In 2020, he asked Lindal and Pamela to come aboard.

Lindal brought in business knowledge and experience as well as his design knowledge that he acquired through his degree studies.

Pamela brought in marketing experience, as well as a wealth of contacts she had gathered while running another publishing company in the past.

With this team, Doxanoûs Media, LLC has the ability to help with editing, layout, formatting, cover design, marketing, sales, accounting, inventory control, web design, story consultation, teaching guides, educational resources, and so much more!

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